The Desert Drive it’s a wild and oversaturated high gain machine, created for all those, who in love in a dark & heavy stoner rock sound with a big bottom and violin–like sustain. The secret of this pedal versatility lies in a wide range of the tone controlls via knobs named Cut(Hi)and Low. So it's definitely not a one trick pony although you never get a low to moderate gain tones from this monster.


  • Controllers : Voice, Level, Low, Cut
  • Voice : affect the intensity of effect
  • Level : Up to +60 dB of gain
  • Low :
  • Cut :

Desert Drive is good for loud and heavy Black Sabbath & Smashing Pumpkins riffs, weird solo passage a'la Alice in Chains or Tool & Kyuss tonal madness.

The pedal can be powered with a standard DC Adapter up to 18V, providing you with massive headroom and a huge output signal,or via 9V Block.
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