Hippie Fuzz - a full range pure germanium FuZZ, based on the old good Color Sound Tone Bender. At the heart of this magic pedal lies for gain (Hfe) and leakage hand picked NOS OC75 and AC188 germanium transistors. It is capable of producing some of the silkiest, smoothest fuzz tones., Tones that germanium transistors are so famous for.
  With HippieFuZZ you can get everything from Clapton's woman tone, 60's mojo vibe fuzz madness to classic rock lead tones and chunky overdriven rhythm sounds...


  • Controllers : Level, Tone, Fuzz, Voice
  • Matched NOS OC75 & AC125 Germanium Transistors
  • Stromverbrauch: ca. 3/8mA
  • Positive Ground

... Delivers sustain, and the instantly recognizable yet indescribable tonal coloration of Germanium....

The pedal can be powered with a standard DC Adapter up to 18V, providing you with massive headroom and a huge output signal,or via 9V Block.
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